Yogeshwari Devi Temple, Maharashtra

Though the overall area of the Yogeshwari devi temple is quite small, the deity of Yogeshwari kept inside is as mesmerizing as it is royal. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the temple highlights various other female deities. Though the temple is less frequently visited by tourists, those who visit it definitely consider the place holy. However, many devotees flock to the temple during the Indian festival of Navratri.

Though the Beed District is famous for temples, Yogeshwari devi temple is the most famous of them. Other famous temples like Nag Temple and the Old Shiva Temple are also situated nearby. The temple itself is situated quite close to the town’s main bus stand. Situated in the heart of the town Beed, the Yogeshwari devi temple has many shops around it. These shops not only sell religious materials but tourists can also have a proper meal in these shops. Though it is best advised to visit this temple during early mornings, no nearby shops are open during that time. So tourists might face trouble trying to buy religious items for the temple.

The Devi’s moorti inside the temple gives off great spiritual vibes. The deity is covered with lots of gold and instills the minds of visitors with good thoughts. There are two other sister temples of the Jogeshwari Devi Temple- situated in Pune and Lanja. The temple boasts of Hemadpanthi architecture. A cool breeze often flows around the temple during summer evenings. The Yogeshwari devi temple is situated approximately 230 KM away from the main city of Aurangabad. The market surrounding the temple also compliments the temple’s aura, while adding extra charm to the small of Beed.


Yogeshwari Devi Temple at 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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