Backwater Tourism

The riverine countries and the coastal countries have one thing is common which is tourism. Yes, this is because the topography of these countries are often very exclusive and attractive which is brought to existence due to the diligent working of one of the most powerful erosional agents of nature, the rivers. The formation of estuarine landscape is because of the delta building activity of river and at the latter parts of catchment area, the sluggish flow of the river forces it to divulge into many small streams to get to the sea. This facilitates in formation of an intricate water network of brackish water with lakes, barrier islands, and accessible canals. These are called backwaters.

The backwater is one of the best known tourism genres. Travelling on waterways and living a life on a boat are the experience only backwater tourism can bestow upon the visitors. The Kerala backwaters and the Venice water city are the two main global hotspot of backwater tourism. The enjoying of the local delicacies, experience the local culture, feeling the sways of the boat and taking in the glamorous panorama of the effervescent nature-scape are the thing visitors can only get on a backwater tour.

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