Ayurveda Tourism

Medicinal aspect of travelling is one of the things that make travelling more worthy. India is the land of the mystics and on that foundation emerged some of the groundbreaking aspects of life. The Vedic literature is one of the oldest scriptures in the whole world and it has information & explanations about different ways of living. The remedies for illness and traumas are also found in this versatile encyclopedia. Ayurveda is that limb of Vedic arts that archives, describes and explains the application of herbal medicines and herbal therapies on various sickness and diseases. The variety of natural vegetation that spreads over the Indian sub-continent makes it a goldmine of medicinal herbs.

The tourism sector that developed around these Ayurveda hubs in the country is called Ayurveda tourism. The Kerala hill tourism is one of the most verdant and potent example of this tourism. Over the years the many places scattered over the world that have persuasive herbal plantations have transformed into Ayurveda travel destinations. Apart from the vibrant flora of the region, the spots are exquisitely beautiful with a flurry of natural abundances like highlands, coastal stretches, rivers, waterfalls and alluvial pastures. Go on an Ayurveda tourism to relive the past and stay healthy in the present.

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