Nature Tourism

Nature is everything. We cannot experience our lives fully without acknowledging the fact that nature is the cradle that we are born in, live through, prosper and die away. The tourism genre that enhances the beauty of nature out of the onlookers mind and present people with the opportunity to be one with the Mother Nature is called nature tourism. Every place in every country is a part of the greater nature tourism. From the mountains to the seas and from the grasslands to the deserts, every known and unknown landscapes and waterscapes fall under the huge canvas of nature tourism.

The dense Amazonian evergreen forest and the world heritage mangrove forest of Sundarbans are signature forestry aspect of nature tourism. The Alaskan Coast, the Pacific ring of fire, the Niagara Falls, the cold Gobi desert, the Pamir Knot, the Dead Sea, the Argentine Prairies, the Madagascar Isle and many more redefine the nature tourism for every nature loving tourist. The diversified natural topography of India makes it a paradise for nature tourism. People can travel from the cold plateau of Ladakh to the windy & salty tip of Kanyakumari within a few days on train and within a few hours on flight. So buckle up for a trip into the nature.

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