Dance forms of Manipur

Manipuri Dance

Manipuri Classical Dance

The RaasLeela, also known as Manipuri Dance, is an important Indian traditional dance genre that originated in the Indian state, Manipur. The dance form is centered on Hindu Vaishnavism ideas and magnificent renditions of Radha-Raas Krishna's Leela, a love-inspired dance play.

Thabal Chongba Folk Dance

Thabal Chongba Folk Dance

Thabal Chongba is amongst the most well-known folk dances from the Indian state of Manipur. The dance is also known as moonlight dancing.' This Traditional Dance of Thabal Chongba commemorates the Yaoshang Festival. The indigenous Kangleicha families don't really allow their daughters to go out and chat with boys, which is an entertaining truth about the Thabal Chongba Dance.


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