Dance forms of Uttar Pradesh

Kathak Classical Dance Form

Kathak Classical Dance

The storytelling style of this art is related with 'Kathak,' an important genre in Indian classical dance. It's a dance drama from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, India's northernmost state.

Raas Leela Dance

Raas Leela Folk Dance

The Rasa Leela is a well-known dance form that elicits strong emotions in its audience. The dance depicts Radha and Krishna's eternal love, as stated in Hindu texts and puranas. Also revealed is Lord Krishna's and Radha's magnificent love, as well as the Gopies' devotion to the Lord.

Charkula Folk Dance

Charkula Folk Dance

The Charkula folk dance is an important element of the Braj area's cultural heritage in India's Uttar Pradesh state. The origins of Charkula dance are shrouded in legend. This dance form is dedicated to Lord Krishna, a well-known Hindu god.


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