Caves Tourism

The oldest shelter that was ever built for the humans were the caves. Yes, our ancestors were called cavemen because of a reason and that reason being the existence of the naturally formed caves. So when the civilization advanced humans left these caves but the memoirs remained. Over the years these caves were again put to use by the human for different purpose like hiding out, safeguarding treasure, rediscover the spiritual fiber and many more. Hence, thecaves that we have in our present day lives are not only archeologically valuable but are the places of interests of the tourists also. So the tourism developed around these caves is categorized as cave tourism circuit.

The caves tourism basically turns every visitor into an explorer and an adventure enthusiast. The places are best for hiking, knowing the history of the civilization, appreciating the art & sculpture of the caves and enjoying the natural scenic beauty of the caves. Some of the famous caves in the world are the Blue Grotto in Italy, Crystal Cave in Mexico, Fingal Cave in Scotland, the subterranean river cave of Puerto Princesa in Philippines and so on. In India also Elephant caves, the Elora caves, the Tabo caves, the Khandgiri caves and many more are quite popular.

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