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The thing that made human humane is the concept of faith. Their morale fiber to instill hope in a belief is the reason people felt the presence of the third power and progressed so much. The religions that we follow are the faith we are born to but it is the intellectual perception of the religious proprietors. The holy sites dedicated to a religion, a god or a religious person responsible for inspiring faith among the masses and provide them with spiritual enlightenment. A journey to these shrines is defined as pilgrimage.

There are many divine and moral shrines in the world that attracts people across the lands throughout the year. These places are designated as the hubs of pilgrimage. The tourism sector that centers on the touring of a pilgrimage site and conducting a journey to the place is called pilgrimage tourism. The Panch Kedar tour, the Mecca tour, the Lumbini tour, the Vatican City tour, the Angkor Vat tour and the Bodh Gaya tour are some of the world famous pilgrimages belonging to different religious faiths. Asides the monumental spirituality of these tours, the natural beauty of the places and the artistic architectures of the holy shrines also mesmerizes the visitors and pilgrims. The route to a pilgrimage takes turn and lets you visit many new places & people with the goal being to reach the sacred cradle of the One.

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