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Bankura has a wide space for providing memories to travel diaries and is recognized as a popular tourist destination. The district has pride in its attracting tourist's spots for several reasons from the arts and architecture to temples, hills, and forests. It also has the beautiful scenic spots at Mukutmonipur and other such places of Bankura. It is famous as the Barh area in Bengal for years ago. Bankura district comes under Chhotanagpur plateau. It is decorated with natural brown hills, murmuring hills, old temples with its rich culture and tradition.

Bishnupur has special monuments and temples such as Shyam Roy temple, Madan Mohan temple and Jaiambaji temple which is built by dedicating it to Sarada Devi. It has crores of devotees of the great mystic saint from yesteryears Shri Ramakrishna. This town has its own musical culture and tradition well known by Bishnupur Gharana. The hills of Biharinath and Susunia are the natural spots famous for trekking and wandering. Mukutmonipur is located at the banks of river Kansabati and Kumari which is the second largest river dam in India. Bishnupur is the headquarters of the subdivision of Bankura district which is popular for its crafts and culture. There are many tourist spots in Bankura.

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Travel Guide Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur Bankura
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Bishnupur Group of Terracotta Temples

There are many kinds of temple in the whole of India but one set of temples that make a mark among the visitors is the temples of Bishnupur.

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