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Mon is a district in the Indian state of Nagaland. It is the home of the Konyak Nagas, the largest amongst the Naga tribes. The Konyak people are well-trained craftsmen and artisans. The wood carvings, daos, guns, headgears and traditional jewelries made by these craftsmen can be found at various villages of this district. The district offers a lot of attractions for the tourists. The Shangnyu village is the most important village in this district and is ruled by the chief, Angh. The village has a prominent wooden structure of 8 ft height and 12 ft breadth with carvings of humans and other beings on it, which is believed to be built by angels. The ethnic village of Chui and Longwa are some of the other major villages in this district which showcase the traditional architecture and age-old sculptures.

Shangphan Wildlife Sanctuary in the Mon district is full of green forested areas and wide variety of natural habitat. Shingphan, Wanching and Tiru are some of the forest in this region rich in timber. Medicinal herbs, plants with wide range of flora and fauna are found in these forests. The Veda Peak is the highest peak in the Mon district. A dazzling view of the river Brahmaputra can be observed from the peak. It also has a beautiful waterfall. Bus services are available from the Kohima, the state capital and Dimapur to reach Mon.

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Travel Guide Aoling Festival in Mon Nagaland
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Aoling Festival

Festivals are a great attraction for any place and every place. Every place has its own exclusive culture and tradition, thus a unique festival. The Aoling is a such festival highly celebrated in the Konyak Naga sect of Nagaland , India.