Shillong Tourism

Shillong is the capital city of the north eastern Indian state of Meghalaya. Apart from its picturesque scenic beauty, this beautiful hill station has a lot to offer for its visitors. The Elephant Falls which is 12 kms on outskirt of the city is a mountain stream descending within a fern covered surrounding. The other waterfalls near Shillong are the Bishop and Beadon Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Crinoline Falls and Sweet Falls. Lady Hydari Park which stretches over 1 kilometer has an adjacent zoo and forest museum.

The Shillong Golf Course is the largest in Asia and is considered to be the ‘Gleneagles of East’. Surrounded with pine and rhododendron trees and carpeted local grass, the place creates a challenging environment for the golfers. Shillong peak is a popular picnic spot giving a marvelous view of the countryside. Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum displays the ethnic culture and tradition of the native tribe. Entomology museum is the only museum in India dedicated to moths and butterflies. Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures can also be visited. Shillong is well connected by roads with other parts of the north east and is a must visit place for sure.

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Travel Guide Elephant Falls Shillong Meghalaya
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Elephant Falls

The Elephant Falls is a greatest tourist Attraction of Shillong and situated at a distance of approx. 30 kms from the Meghalaya Capital of Shillong. The foaming white water rippling down the stony steps with the vegetation on the sides of the waterfall, make it an amazing place.

Travel Guide Umiam Lake Shillong Meghalaya
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Umiam Lake

Lakes are to be found in any corner of the world. India being a riverine country with main highlands and mountains has a great many number of lakes. Some of these are natural and some are manmade. One of such manmade lakes is Umiam Lake of Meghalaya.

Travel Guide Wards Lake Shillong Meghalaya
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Wards Lake

The Wards Lake is a one of the major tourist attractions in Shillong since the British era. The great poet Rabindranath Tagore used to spent time Wards Lake during his stay in Shillong of Meghalaya.

Travel Guide Mawjymbuin Cave Shillong Meghalaya
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Mawjymbuin Cave

The Mawjymbuin Cave is natural limestone cave and located in the Shillong District, Meghalaya. The Mawjymbuin cave is less frequented by tourists hence it is a best offbeat destination..

Travel Guide Krem Marai Cave in Shillong of Meghalaya
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Krem Marai Cave

Krem Marai is the longest natural cave in India and features among some of the longest caves in the world. Out of India's reserve of the 10 longest and largest caves, 9 of them are lodged in the hill state of Meghalaya in India including the Krem Marai.

Travel Guide Cathedral of Mary Help of Christian Shillong
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Cathedral of Mary Help of Christian Shillong

Cathedral of Mary Help of Christian was built by the first Catholic missionaries namely the Salvatorians from Germany. They were also known as the Society of Divine Saviour. The wooden structure church which was built in 1913 was destroyed in a fire in the year 1936.

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