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Sitamarhi is known as the mythological city of Bihar. According to Hindu mythology, Sita was born in the fields of Sitamarhi when King Janak was cultivating the land to impress the god of rain. A tank was built and was called Janaki Kund. After many years, a Hindu austere called Birbal Das arrived in the city where Lady Sita lived her infancy to find inspiration. It is also said that he discovered the traces of sculptures temples and images built by King Janak in order to worship Janaki. A modern Janaki temple was also built over the years to worship Lady Sita.

Ram Navami Festival is celebrated grandly in this city, large exhibitions and fairs are organized in the city. Another festival which is grandly celebrated in the city is Sama Chakeva. This festival is known for celebrating the relationship of a brother and sister. This festival is usually held in the winter season. This city is also known for its variety of cultural rituals and the marriage ceremonies which are conducted grandly in the city. Another famous tourist attraction site in the city is a rock cut sanctuary present in the city; this sanctuary was built in the Mauryan time period.

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Travel Guide Sita Kund Sitamarhi Bihar
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Sita Kund, Sitamarhi

The Sita Kund is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site in Sitamarhi district of Bihar state, which has a sacred Hindu temple and hot springs of holy waters.

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