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Churu is a desert city in the heart of Rajasthan. The great Thar Desert starts from here. The National Highway-65 connects Churu to other districts. It has a railway station which connects to the Bikaner rail line. So, it is a well-connected city with the transport system. The best time to visit Churu is winters as the summers are very harsh in the hot deserts. The vegetation is very less in the area so, only bushes of kair and Phoge are standing in the largely deserted fields. Sand dunes are closely changing their locations in the adjoining areas. The variation in maximum and minimum temperature is enormous. There is a maximum of 55 degrees and a minimum of -5 degrees in the same location.

There are many sightseeing spots like sethani ka johara which is a water reservoir and a Salasar Balaji temple where the devotees flock all around the year. The grandeur of the havelis in this arid land is mystique. Marvelous paintings decorate the walls of havelis. The havelis are surana haveli and Kanhaiya Lal Bagla Ki Haweli. Talchappar is a sanctuary in Churu which has a unique ecosystem. It has grass covering the land and some migratory birds stay here. It is a good place for bird lovers. It also is the abode of blackbuck, foxes, jungle cat, rojra, etc.

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Travel Guide Salasar Balaji Temple
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Salasar Balaji Temple

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