Gir Somnath Tourism

Gir Somnath is a district of Gujarat in India. The district headquarter is in Veraval which is also known as the hub of fishing industries of India. Situated in the Sourashtra region of Gujarat and surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the south, the Gir Somnath district is curved out of the district of Jungadh few years back. The Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to the endangered species of Asiatic Lions and of many other wildlife creatures like deer, hyenas and monkeys. Wide varieties of flora and fauna are well protected by the forest department and the wildlife activists making it an attractive tourist destination.

The eminent Somnath Temple is located in this district. It is considered to be the first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrines of the popular Hindu deity Lord Shiva and thus it is a sacred pilgrimage of the Hindus. From ancient days the temple has been destroyed several times by different invaders and was rebuilt at different period of time. The present temple was reconstructed in the unique Chalukya style architecture in 1951. The village of Delvada has a lot of sites with religious significance of various communities like the Hindus, Muslims as well as of the Jains. A large scale of industries has developed in this region. Gir Somnath is well connected with other parts of the state by roads and railways.

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Travel Guide Gita Mandir in Somnath of Gujarat
1 reviews

Gita Mandir, Somnath

Gita Mandir is an ancient and sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and located Gir Somnath District of Gujarat, walk-in distance from Somnath Jyotirlinga temple and Bhalka Tirath. The depiction of the Gita is written on the pillars of the temple.

Travel Guide Somnath Jyotirlinga Gujarat
0 reviews

Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple

India, the land of many ancient religions, perfectly encapsulates the essence of devotion and submission towards one’s faith. One such famous religious epicenter in India is Somnath Jyotirlinga, in Gujarat.

Travel Guide Bhalka Tirtha
0 reviews

Bhalka Tirtha Temple

The Bhalka Tirtha is a place where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow during the resting under a peepal tree, the arrow shoot by a hunter named Jara. Taking the advantage of this incidence, Lord Shri Krishna ends his incarnation.

Travel Guide Hinglaj Gufa
0 reviews

Panch Pandav Gufa

Panch Pandav Gufa is a part of Ancient Indian History. It is believed that the Pandavas Worshiped in this Place while in exile, and the temple was built by the late Baba Narayandas in the year of 1949.

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