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Saiha is located in the state of Mizoram. It is found at a height of 729 meters above sea level. The literary meaning of this town name is the tooth of the elephant. A large number of elephant teeth were found in this town so it was named so. The majority of the population here is Mara tribe and Myanmarese. National Highway 54 is the lifeline of this district town. Many state buses are available for tourists to reach there. Angling enthusiasts find this place very attractive. The best season to go to Saiha is from November to April.

Palak Wildlife Sanctuary has a biodiversity of major plants and animals. It is not very big but boasts of some exotic varieties of plant life. It is home to some animal species like sambhar, leopard, and elephant. Palak Dil or Pala Tipo is the largest lake in Mizoram. It is rich in a lot of plant and animal world. It is oval in shape and home to migratory animals and a variety of birds. There are endemic bird species and some unique species of fishes. Various species of snails, crabs, turtles, tortoises, and aquatic birds and wild ducks reside in Palak Dil.

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Travel Guide Palak Dil Lake
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Palak Dil Lake

The Palak Dil Lake is a natural water body and popularly known as Pala Tipo or Palak Lake or Palak Dil, is located in the Saiha district in Mizoram State, India.

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