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Sonitpur is the administrative district in Assam, India. The headquarters of this district is located at Tezpur. This district has a long history starting with Kampura Mlechha. In fact, history lovers will definitely be excited to visit this place and learn many interesting facts about the place. So if you are also a history lover, don't delay visiting here.

You are not going to witness entirely homogeneous population. Instead, it has several religious, linguistic, and communities living in this district. At Sonitpur, several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are situated due to its natural beauty and wildlife. Sonitpur isn’t a small district In fact, it is a very large district indeed. If you are interested in enjoying diverse culture and religious activities, this is the destination for you.

This district falls in the subtropical climatic region and offers a monsoon type of climate. It is a land of natural beauty, ancient crafts, and also has a rich cultural heritage. This district is famous for many ancient temples built by the kings. If you are planning to spend your holidays in a beautiful place surrounded by hills, deep valleys adding a classical touch that takes back to an old era, you should visit Sonitpur.

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Travel Guide Garh Doul
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Garh Doul

Garh Doul is a historical monument and is one amongst the most important archaeological sites located at Sonitpur, Assam, India. The site has two brick embankments, which contains underpinning of brick temple pedestals.

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