Srikakulam Tourism

When talking of Srikakulam, you definitely must make mention of the few essential rivers in the town. They are Nagavali, Champavathi, Vamsadhara, and Bahuda. These rivers help to keep the city flourished and beautiful. The biodiversity, which includes many types of fauna and flora, attracts many tourists into it.

The beauty witnessed in nature and the atmosphere is two other main factors that make the city prominent in Andhra Pradesh. The pristine arena, secluded conurbation, offers a lot to its visitors. You can enjoy your trip to Srikakulam sightseeing. Engage in the outdoor activities, exploring nature and shopping. The city is a Metropolitan enterprise and also the Mandal base camp. When you are planning your next trip to Srikulam, do not forget to visit one of the most famous and attractive destinations in the city.

Make sure to include Arasavilli, Baruva, Kavita, Srikurmam, and Kaligapattanam in your list of destinations. Furthermore, the city consists of green meadows and paddy fields, which create a picturesque view for the tourists. It is a city that connects the other states through the roads. When you are in Srikulam, you will not face hardships in finding your routes. So make Srikulam as your next plan for a vacation.

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Travel Guide Suryanarayana Temple Arasavalli
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Suryanarayana Temple, Arasavalli

The Suryanarayana temple in Arasavalli is well known for its religious importance. You can offer tonsuring for which you will be charges INR 10 per person. The temple is open from Monday to Saturday, from 6 am to 8pm.

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