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Vizianagaram is a city in Andhra Pradesh, a state in India. Vizianagaram is one of the most historical cities in Andhra Pradesh as it was ruled by the Emporers of Kalinga. Vizianagaram, along with the Srikakulam district was known for being ruled by various reigns but all the reigns were eventually driven out due to the several wars fought in the region. From Kalingas, to the Frech Imperialists, and the Britishers all ruled the Vizianagaram - Srikakulam region over different period of time.

Vizianagaram is also known for funding the Marbel fountain in Hyde Park, London; which provided drinking water during the 1860s. This fund was provided by the Maharajah of Vizianagaram. The marble fountain still exists in Hyde Park in London where the 900 B.C. coins were also found in the same location. Vizianagram is also famous for the Hindu temples located in the city as it is one of the most visited cities during the pilgrimage tours. The city is also famous for weddings as the venue present in the city is mesmerizing and worth visiting. Vizianagram is also known for Dr. PVG Raju ACA Sports Complex which hosts various domestic cricket matches for the state. Vizianagaram Fort is also accessible to the tourists although taking pictures is not allowed in the fort.

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Travel Guide Vizianagaram fort
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Vizianagaram Fort

Vizianagaram Fort, also known as Pusapati Fort, is situated in the city of Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. It was built in 1713 by the king of Vizianagaram, Vijaya Rama Raju. The name Vizianagaram is the combination of words – Vizia (Victory) and Nagaram (City).

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