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Andhra Pradesh has 13 districts, including West Godavari. Andhra Pradesh's coastal region is the home of the district. Eluru is the district's administrative center. East Godavari District borders it on the west and Krishna District on the east. From east to west, the Bay of Bengal, and from north to south, the state of Telangana.

On the north is Khammam District, and on the south is the Bay of Bengal. To the east lies the Godavari River while to the west lies the Tammileru River and Kolleru Lake. A slight eastward slope runs along the rivers of West Godavari, which are flat. West Godavari rivers flow east to west. Yerrakaluva, Tammileru, and Godavari (after which the district is named) flow through the district. In Dodleswaram, the Eluru canal, Timmileru, Jalleru, and Yerrakaluva reservoirs provide irrigation.

Like the rest of coastal Andhra, the region has a tropical climate. In the summer (March-June), the heat is intense and the weather is fairly dry. The temperature during the day may exceed 50 degrees in the summer. It is often the best time for tourism to visit in the rainy season (July-December) when the fields are a brilliant green with paddy crops, rivers flow with monsoon water, and the weather is comparatively cool. Due to the region's climate and fertile soil, the Indian noble class has long called it home, and there are several large zamindar mansions scattered throughout the Godavari area.

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Travel Guide Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments Kamavarapukota
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Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments

Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments is a pilgrimage site where stone stupas and the three most ancient relics of the Buddhist culture were found. This site is located in Kamavarapukota, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in West Godavari district.

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