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If you are enthusiastic about small villages, you will not avoid visiting here. Yuksom Village is one of the small villages in Sikkim. In fact, it is considered the capital of Sikkim. You will love the serene nature of the village, and you might even want to spend more time in the village. It is a calm and peaceful village that you should visit. If you are someone with an interest in peaceful things, this could be your dream destination. If you don’t like the tourist crowd, but still you want to enjoy the tourist attractions, then you need to visit Yuksom in Sikkim.

You can enjoy the things in this village by foot because it is easy to get around. You don’t need a vehicle to travel around this village. In fact, this village is the base camp for a lot of treks. You can easily find tour guides for this village.

Also, when you are in Yuksom, you should try trekking to Kachupurilake from Yuksom. Of course, it will not be easy, but it is worth it if you can do it! You will enjoy the adventure the village offers, so Yuksom, Sikkim is an ideal destination for adventure seekers too.

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Travel Guide Dubdi Monastery Yuksom
0 reviews

Dubdi Monastery

Located at a 3 km distance from Yuksom, lies this symbolic beauty of the Tibetan Buddhism, known as the Dubdi Monastery. Take a peaceful to ‘the retreat’, while in town. The Dubdi Monastery is highly popular amongst traveller and tourists especially by those having a spiritua....

Travel Guide Tashiding Monastery Yuksom
0 reviews

Tashiding Monastery

Tashiding Monastery is considered to be the most sacred in Sikkim, India. It is believed that the Great Guru Padmasambhava visited the place and established Tashiding as the naval point of the religious sites in Sikkim. Bhumchi Festival is the most popular festival celebrated at ....

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