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Architectural marvels scattered all over the world, defines the epitome of human intellect. From the ancient time to the modern era, every year has offered one of the greatest gifts to the mankind through the creation of these esteemed architects. We say that the kings have created an establishment but actually they produced these by buying off the labors of the artistic &innovative great architects. From the rock cuttings on the hill slopes to the building of artificial jetties, every single construction is a flair of architecture that not only made life of the people easier but also gave them a history & a strong foundation to further build a progressive future on those.

Tourism is born because of these architectures because whether it is a religious site or it is an aesthetic site, the buildings & construction there are the cornerstone of that place’s attraction. The famous seven wonders of the world features mostly manmade architectures like the Taj Majhal, The Angkor Vat, the Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, the Machu Pichu, the Eiffel tower, the leaning tower of Pisa and so on. In India there re also may architecture marvels too like the temples of Khajuraho, the Ajanta & Ellora Caves, the Jantar Mantar, the Rajasthan Forts and many more.

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