Heritage Tourism

The ways of the people are what makes a land more fertile and attractive. This is the core concept behind the reason for conducting heritage tours. Travelers want to experience the diversity of culture and nothing more defines the cultural values of a place better than its heritage. A tourism based on the category of heritage is called heritage tourism. Heritage can be anything. It can be anything like the lifestyle of a region; an artifact unearthed there, an old establishment on that land and religious background of that place. It can also be a dance form, a local delicacy or even an old marketplace. One of the most visited and preferred travel destination has always been a heritage site. People love to relive the ambience of ethereal aristocracy of human civilization from any era. From sculpture to terrain and from culture to food every ounce of heritage attracts tourists from all over the world to any heritage site.

Hence, anything that tells the authentic tale of a place and inspires the present by its decorated past, is a cornerstone for heritage tourism. Heritage tourism is spread throughout the world because people living anywhere in the world have built their own unique community based on the natural topography and has their own unique stories to tell to the visitors. In that sense every spot can be tagged as a heritage site. But only the places, things and activities with inspiring past that had help create the modern day falls under the heritage tourism. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the principal locales of this tourism.

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