Hill Stations Tourism

The hills have always fascinated the people. The magnanimous terrains and the chilly airs are the main reasons why people love hill stations. The thrill of the journey, the unpredictable weather, the breathtaking natural scenic beauty and the unforeseen phenomena makes a visit to the hill worth everyone’s time. The term hill station originated from the British colonial rule. Back in the days, the Englishmen used to shift their colonial capitals to an accessible highland or mountain cradle during the summers to beat the heat. This is why most of the world famous hill stations are found in the countries of the commonwealth.

But there are other places also where tourism has grown simply because of the exclusivity of that spot. People love to enjoy the mountains during their breaks for either for a retreat or for an adventurer drive. Hill stations are of different kinds. The snowcapped peaks, the verdant low hills, the plateaus, the coastal highlands, the rough block mountain chains, the old desert mountain and the volcanic ranges are most popular varieties. The waterfalls, the precipices, the gorges & canyons, the rivers & lakes, the flora & fauna and the magnificent yet variant vistas make every journey to these hill stations a once in a lifetime experience.

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