Chittorgarh Tourism

Chittorgarh is a major city of Rajasthan state. It lies on the bank of the river Berach and Gambhiri. It is a famous tourist location because of its palaces. The cement factories in Chittorgarh are also well known. It is a hub for construction business as marble and granite are extracted from here. Chittor fort is the largest fort in Asia. Many fights between Hindus and Muslim invaders took place here. Rani Padmavati of Chittorgarh committed mass suicide with other women in the palace after they were defeated by the Mughals. Tourists visit the palace with curiosity about the stories.

Many temples and monuments dated back to the 15th century were built in sandstone in Chittorgarh. Vijay stambh is a must visit hilltop and it is also illuminated in the night. FatehPrakash Palace is a museum also. There are regional sculptures and terracotta figurines on display. Ancient coins and other wooden craft collectibles make your visit worthy. Also, GaumukhKund is a “kund” meaning a sacred water reservoir is a special place to visit. Here spring water flows from cow’s mouth shaped rock. The Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is for animal lovers. It is home to many animals such as panthers and antelope. Many migratory birds stay at this sanctuary.

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Travel Guide Chittorgarh Fort Rajasthan
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Chittorgarh Fort

The Chittorgarh Fort is one of biggest fort in India and designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Chittorgarh Fort is a greates tourist spot in rajasthan and has a long and memorable history for queen Padmini.

Travel Guide Vijaya Stamba Chittorgarh
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Vijaya Stamba

Rajasthan is known to be one of the states that still follow the traditions of the Indian culture. Vijaya Stamba is one such piece that describes the victorious kings that rules the state. It is located in Chittorgarh and is one of the victory monuments in the Chittor Fort.

Travel Guide Baroli Temples Complex
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Baroli Temples Complex

Baroli Temple Complex is a combination of 9 different temples located within the same village known as Baroli in Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan. The Baroli Temple Complex is also known as Badoli Temples locally and was built in the 10th century AD.

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