East Khasi Hills Tourism

There are seven districts in Meghalaya. East Khasi Hills is one of the foremost among them. This is the most populous district among all the others, and the capital is Shillong. Shillong acts as the headquarters of the district. There are several destinations in this district that makes the district one of the best to visit. In fact, many places are top-destinations for all the tourist, and this is why you need to consider visiting here. In the state of Meghalaya, nothing is better than this district.

The East Khasi Hills district has all the vibrant, diverse, and energetic things to watch and enjoy! The city offers beautiful locations and natural beauty that everyone can enjoy. In fact, you will come across a lot of villages. So, if you are someone in an urban city, you might enjoy the villages in this district.

The traditional annual dance can be a great treat to tourist's eyes. The Mawlynnong village is special for this dance, so why shouldn’t you give it a try? Also, this village is considered as one of the cleanest cities that you can witness in Asia. There are a lot of attractions that you can ignore, so why not enjoy them!

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Places to Visit in East Khasi Hills

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Travel Guide Kynrem Falls Cherrapunji
0 reviews

Kynrem Falls

The state of Meghalaya receives the highest amount of rainfall not only in India but in the whole world. The word Meghalaya when translated means ‘abode of clouds’. The region is full of natural phenomenon. The place is bestowed with the beauties of hills, plains, forests and....

Travel Guide Sweet Falls Shillong
0 reviews

Sweet Falls

Sweet Falls is known as Kshaid Weitden in the native Shillong dialect. It is the 'most beautiful' yet 'most dangerous' waterfalls due to its height which is 96 meters i.e. 315ft in height. The slippery stones and the routes surrounding the waterfall can lead to accidents.

Travel Guide Garden of Caves Laitmawsiang
0 reviews

Garden of Caves

The Garden of caves, located in Laitmawsiang of Meghalaya, is the new gem of the state. Garden of Caves is also known as a paradise on earth.

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