Dance Tourism

The art & culture that we have signifies the finesse of human emotion expressed through their subtle intellect. The production of various dance forms based on the region of inhabitancy, socio-economic aspects, the nature of the lifestyle and the history of the community gives us an outlook of the immense creativity that we have in ourselves. The specialty about dance forms is that these are unique in themselves and these tell the story of their own community & scriptures. So when you see a dance being performed on a stage you are warped to the place where it has developed and you get to feel the culture, the people and the air of that place.

The dance themed tourism is a great way to explore different communities and their lifestyles. Since dances are influenced by the terrains, hence, travelers get to enjoy various landscapes like the mountains, the coasts, the deserts, the cities, the villages, the palaces and the huts. Some of the exciting dance cultures around the globe are in Turkey, New Zealand, USA, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Hawaii. India also has dance concentric tourist destinations like Koraput, Kochi, Elephanta, Khajuraho, Panchmari, Guwahati, Imphal and so on. Follow the dance to fathom the region.

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