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Festivals are the celebration of the human community. It celebrates the life of the people and the culture that they propagate. The reason why tourism has developed in the places where festivals are quite popular and widespread because people want to experience something entirely new and enthralling to feel the life energy that somehow gets depleted due to the mundane grind of the daily routine. Moreover, some of these places are typically offbeat tourist destinations in any day of the year save the festival season. So when you are travelling to a spot well-known for its festival you can hope to see something new and engrossing.

The tourism packages that are based on festival theme generally cater the travelling options during the season and allow the visitors to experience the true essence of the enchanting ethnicity of that region. Some of the heart throbbing festivals in the world tourism are the Mardi Gras in USA, the La Tomatino festival in Spain, the Carnival in Brazil, St. Patrick’s Day festival in Scotland, Fes Festival in Morocco, and many more. In India also you can enjoy a different side of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh during the Ganesh festival & Kumbh Mela period respectively.

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