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History of a place is its greatest tourism magnet. The place becomes a tourism destination either for its natural brilliance or for its manmade brilliance. So, if a place is famous for its manmade brilliance then it is a historical site because anything related to the past of the human civilization is history. Hence, when talking about the historical tourism the travelers always get spoilt for choices because every known and lesser known destinations have one or two thing to tell people about the history of mankind. The cities, the villages, the station, the harbors, the temples and the palaces in every tourist destination is a symbol of history and in many case a natural phenomenon is part of the history.

So exploring the historical destinations can offer travels every branch of tourism like spiritual, romantic, adventures, relaxing, artistic and ethnic. The world tourism has a lot of historical destinations to offer like the highland of Scotland, the ruins of Greece, the Petra in Jordan, the Pyramids of Egypt, the forts in Scandinavia, the architectures of Rome, the forests of Ethiopia, the Deserts of Persia, the Mountains of Mongolia, the temples of Peru and the aesthetic temples & palaces in India.

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