Lakes Tourism

Tourism has many branches but the topographic categorization is the most exemplary feat that the domain has achieved over the years of its operation. Hill stations, cities, deserts, seaside and the rural sprawls of the tourism have some things in common between them. One of those things are the lakes. Yes, you will find lakes everywhere. Some are natural while some are artificial but the thing about lakes is that they make a place beautiful. In many lakes you may even find some wonders like lake houses, castles and islands of great cultural & archeological significance.

The tourisms that involves lakes are great for the travelers. It give them a fresh perspective on their lives and on the Mother Nature‘s true glory. These trip on and by the lakes general features boat rides, shopping in the arcaded by the lake, enjoy life on the waters with a houseboat stay, swimming & water activities in some case, photography and a breath of fresh air. Some of the famous lakes in the world are Baikal in Russia, Caspian Sea, Titicaca in Bolivia, five great lakes of USA and many more. In India also there are many popular lakes like the Dal Lake, the Chilka Lagoon and the Udaipur Palace Lake.

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