Parks & Gardens Tourism

The main sightseeing attraction of any place must definitely include either a park or a garden because without these no place seems like a tourist destination. Hence in this piece we will indulge in bringing out the best of best parks & gardens in the world tourism circuit. The gardens are often related to a broader architectural establishment like a castle or a palace. The beautifully manicured green pasture with variant floras, decorative patios, green houses and fountains not only incites the feeling of aesthetics in the tourists but also tell them the story of the place as well as of that era. Parks on the other hand are unique in their natural abundance. These provide the tourists with a lucrative array of flora & fauna as well as with other aspects like lakes, sporting complexes, shopping arcades, walk trails and many more.

There are quite a number of famous park & gardens spread throughout the world. Some of the most beautiful and popular ones are Knerokuen in Japan, Keukenhof in Netherlands, Nong Nooch in Thailand, Versailles Garden in France, Jardin Majorelle in Morocco and many more. In India also there are quite a few park & gardens like the Botanical Garden in Kolkata, the Hanging Garden in Mumbai, the Mughal Gardens of Srinagar and the Cubbon Park of Bangalore.

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