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Spirituality is the ingrained expression of one’s soul. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have experienced the universal truth by themselves. Hence people have faiths to believe in. The holy shrines around the world where the idols of the mythological creatures and gods are housed are popularly known as the temples. There are many temple spread out through the world. Most of these temples are manmade. However, some of the temples are naturally formed like the Amarnath cave temple nested high in the snowcapped Himalayan cradle of Jammu & Kashmir in India.

Being the land of the mystics, India has a lot of temple belonging from the different eras of civilizations. The temple not only projects the spiritual preaching of the religion upon the visitors but also intrigues them with the art and scripture of the establishment. People get mesmerized by the sheer simplicity or the magnanimity of the temple architecture. The history engraved on the walls of these shrines makes a tour connecting various temples worth the journey and price. Tourism sector has developed around the famous temples all over the world since there is no tourist season for a temple locale. Moreover, some of the temples may even present travelers with a sense of adventure and an aesthetic vista.

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