Traditional Tourism

For years and aeons the culture of the magical diaspora that is India has been puzzling people and stupefying visitors and foreigners. A vast landmass of river bodies and oceans, this brilliant landscape is home to people of different kinds, religions, beliefs, traditions and ideologies. It is remarkable how these colourful traditions change drastically as you travel from region to region. And as the tradition changes so does the demography of the people upholding these traditions.

The traditions are actually a reflection of the religious beliefs and ideologies of any demography which are again influenced greatly by the geographical outlook of the region. For example in the region of Bengal in the Eastern flank of India, there is a tradition of food playing a very important role in all its religious festivals and rituals. All religious affairs and festivals are inevitably followed or linked with food, fruit or cooked meals as an offering to devotees. This is because Bengal has soil that is immensely fertile and generously inundated by rivers dotted across the region. Hence the natives in order to mark their obligation to the Gods for their generosity, conduct many religious festivals throughout the year to mark different occasions.

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