Hoshangabad Tourism

Hoshangabad is a scenic location that is located on the south bank of Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. Originally known as Narmadapuram, the ascend of Hoshang Shah to the throne gave this beautiful site the name Hoshangabad. With a pleasant climate throughout the year and with natural, spiritual and scenic distinctions to its charm, Hoshangabad calls out to tourists around the world to relish the wondrous charisma it holds. The district of Hoshangabad possesses locales of natural and serene beauty with spots like the Bee falls, Satpura national park, Apsara Vihar, Reechgarh, Duchess Falls, Chaugarh Peak, Dhoopgarh, Manadeo hill, etc. gaining attention on an international scale as tourist attractions. Apart from these areas, Hoshangabad is also famous for the heritage locales it encompasses in the 5408km2 it is spread out. Spots like the Mahadeo Temple, Jatashankar Temple, Bison Lodge Museum, Pandav Caves Chaugarh temple, Pachmarhi Catholic Church, etc. showcase cultural heritage along with incredible scenic beauty.

Hoshangabad is a perfect getaway from the monotonous, smog-filled life of the metropolitan cities, offering a refreshing experience and possibilities of adventure. It is a rare location which has spots famous for natural beauty, heritage value, and religious quality, making it a suitable option for a group of people with different areas of interest. Bhopal airport is the nearest one to Hoshangabad but the railway network connects it to most of the major cities in India.

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Places to Visit in Hoshangabad

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Travel Guide Satpura National Park
0 reviews

Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve

Satpura National Park is on an island which is created by two rivers Denva and Tawa and the Suk tawa dam. The park has really beautiful and dense forest all around. Travellers can see the sloth bears, leopards, deer, gores, elephants, tigers and number of species of birds.

Travel Guide Pachmarhi Hill Station
0 reviews

Pachmarhi Hill Station

Pachmarhi Hill Station is popularly known as the queen of the Satpura range because of its rich heritage and natural abundance. The verdant hill, the ancient Buddhist rock caves and the mighty waterfalls are some of the alluring aspects of this place.

Travel Guide Chauragarh Temple Pachmarhi
0 reviews

Chauragarh Temple

The Chauragarh temple is situated in Pachmarhi on top of the beautiful Chauragarh Mountain in Madhya Pradesh.

Travel Guide Pandava Caves Pachmarhi
0 reviews

Pandava Caves, Pachmarhi

Pandava Caves is one of famous and mythological important site in Pachmarhi. The hours of operation of Pandava Caves in Pachmarhi are from 8 am to 6 pm and and it is open throughout the week.

Travel Guide Rajat Pratap Waterfall Pachmarhi
0 reviews

Rajat Pratap Waterfall

The best season to visit Rajat Pratap Waterfall is during the winter and spring season, that is, in the months of October-March.

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