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Biraja Nagara or Biraja Kshetra was the name Jajpur was earlier known by and we can find mention of the same in the Hindu mythological texts. Jajpur, a city within a district going by the same name in the East Indian coastal state of Odisha is the seat of the ancient and highly sacred Biraja Temple from which it was given the name Biraja Kshetra or Biraja Nagara in earlier times. The Biraja Temple is the abode of the Goddess Durga who is depicted with two hands desecrating the demon Mahishasura while mounted on a lion, her chosen vehicle.

The Biraja temple is a sprawling premise and is place to many more shrines dotted around its campus dedicated to many other deities in the Hindu pantheon, the most important of them being Shiva. The temple which predates to the 13th century was constructed even earlier and in those days Biraja Kshetra served as the capital of the state of Kalinga, today known as Odisha. Today Biraja Nagara is known as Jajpur and stands as a city within the jurisdiction of state of Odisha but has lost its status as capital city to Cuttack. Jajpur is said to be home to over a billion Shiva Lingams embedded in its surface area.

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Travel Guide Lalitgiri Buddhist Excavations
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Lalitgiri Buddhist Excavations

Through these excavations at Lalitgiri archaeologists could convincingly align Pushpagiuri to Lalitgiri and confirm that it was indeed located there with the excavation revealing remains of the largest mahavihara in this part of the world at that point of time.

Travel Guide Langudi Hills Jajpur
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Langudi Hills

During summers the mercury can soar to maximum heights making it sweltering hot, but the best months to visit the place are during October and February. A lot of other Buddhist attractions have also been unearthed around Langudi hills such as caves with inscriptions dating to the....

Travel Guide Maa Biraja Temple Jajpur
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Maa Biraja Temple

The Ma Viraja or Viraja Kshetra temple is spread over a large area dedicated to the temple complex and has several shrines within its premises apart from the main shrine.

Travel Guide Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations Jajpur
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Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations

Ratnagiri, an amazing city in the Indian state of Orissa is one of the prime tourist attractions of the country because of the rich history.

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