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Raisen is a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, in India. The town of Raisen is the district headquarters. This district has its separate crowd of tourists to visit the century old Buddhist monuments at Sanchi and Bhimbethika rock shelters. Both the places are enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sanchi is more of a village than town. Located at the foot of a hill, Sanchi with its 3rd century built monuments is the most famous Buddhist site in India. The Stupas built on top of a hill with brick made out of stone holds great archaeological values. Other valued monuments found here are the Four Gate Ways, Ashoka Pillar, Buddhist Vihara, The Great Bowl and the Gupta temple. The famous lion crown which has become the emblem of India was placed at the top of the Ashoka Pillar.

Lying in the rocky terrain of dense forest, Bhimbethika describes the chronicle in the history of man with over 600 rock shelters of the Neolithic Age. Drawings and paintings in over 500 caves depicts the life of the cave dwellers of different periods. Discovery of these invaluable treasures hold a lot of archaeological significance. Bhojpur, founded by the legendary Raja Bhoj attracts thousands of tourists to experience the marvellous architecture of the Bhojeshwar Temple and the ruins of a magnificent old dam. Raisen is well connected by roads and railways with other major cities of the state.

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Travel Guide Bhimbetka Rock Shelters
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Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters is a historical place with famous arts on bricks and walls. It is said, the heroes of Mahabharata, the Pandavas are live here during the forest life and the main shelter was built by the Mahabali Bhima, so it is named as Bhimbetka Rock Shelters.

Travel Guide Sanchi Stupa Raisen
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Sanchi Stupa

The Sanchi Stupa is located on a quiet serene hill top, the carvings on the entrances are interesting to study and full of metaphors of ancient teachings and Buddhist practices.

Travel Guide Bhojeshwar Temple
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Bhojeshwar Temple

The Bhojeshwar Temple is an intriguing historical monument in the Bhojpur village of India. The only one of its kind, this incomplete Hindu temple is sited in Bhojpur hamlet of Madhya Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Shiva.

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