Forts Tourism

The things that always give people the scare is the security breach. It may be personal, professional or social but it scared them. This feeling of insecurity gave birth to the most sturdy & elegant architectural form ever, the forts. The forts are the fortified form of ancient cities where the kings and their subjects used to live within the walls. The art and culture of these forts along with their thrilling folklores makes every visit to these forts a one in a lifetime experience. Moreover, the terrains on which these forts are built on are very giving. Some are built on the cliffs looming over the sea while others are constructed on hard stoned dessert isles. But one thing is certain that the tours in these forts are simple magical, mesmerizing and to some extent a learning experience.

The things about fort is more the dynasties ruled the country more will be the number of fort there. In India there are many forts, out of which the Rajasthan Hill forts are quite well-known and even obtained the title of world heritage. Some of the famous forts in the world are Avila fort in Spain, Red fort in India, Galle fort in Sri Lanka, Lovrijenac fort in Croatia and Windsor castle in England.

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