Waterfalls Tourism

Waterfalls are the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. If one thing that every tourist wants to have in their trip is definitely a waterfall. People simply cannot get over their attraction in the falling waters that creates a great thumping feeling in their hearts. But the thing that a waterfall present is the great natural scenic beauty. It may be a mountainous waterfall or a river plunging in the sea but the aesthetic vision that these waterfall gives every trip is like a special signature. The tourism that revolves round the waterfall is a definite hit.

The waterfall tourism mainly features a sightseeing trip to the majestic waterfall, the natural panorama of the region, photography sessions, viewpoints, some adventurous activities like hiking & rock climbing and the stories of the land. These tourist destinations are great for relaxing and spending quality time with friends & family amidst the natural wonders. Some of the famous waterfalls in the world are the Angel Falls in Zambia, Yosmite Falls & Niagara Falls in USA, Victoria Falls in Zambia and Tugela Falls in South Africa. In India also there are many panoramic waterfalls like the Jog Falls, the Nohkalikai Falls and the Dudhsagar Falls.

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