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Art and culture is the social backbone of any and every community. These include lifestyle, faith, terrain of habitation and other living oriented aspects. However, the expression of the people of the place transforms into art on the basis of the era’s socio-economic condition. Hence a state that has gone through tumultuous warring times will showcase motivational poems, gore & realistic paintings, sturdy establishments and innovative contraptions. Again, a place with peaceful history will express love & serenity through its scriptures & paintings and will generally lack showcasing of any form of contraption. So if you are trying to opt for the art & museum tourism then do get ready to know & relish the history of a place through its different eras.

Knowing the history of a place is like getting to know who we were in the past. The tourism packages that include art & museum are generally city based travel that covers multiple cities, either within the same country or in different countries. This way travelers get to know the cultural history of these places all while living & tasting various ethnicities. Some of the famous museums in the world are the Louvre Museum in France, the Alexandria Museum in Egypt, the Acropolis Museum in Greece, the National Museum in China, Indian Museum in Kolkata and many more.

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